Bedřich Forman

These pages are dedicated to lifework of Bedrich Wolfgang Forman (1919-1985), first name by famous Czech music composer, second after Mozart. By his work, Bedrich was connected to his younger brother Werner. Both of them were friends with painters Ludvik Kuba, Emil Filla, Professor V.V. Stecha, academicians Lexa, Prusek and many others.

Oriental arts as an inspiration for Forman brothers works brought connection to Oriental department of Czechoslovakian Academy of Science and museum of Mr. Naprstek, where many expositions were held.

Step by step Forman brothers became collectors and experts of non-European works. They acquired hundreds of items of extraordinary value on their travels around the world (China, Egypt Mongolia, Vietnam, Bamu – island in Republic of Congo, Syria, Lebanon, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore). Together they took pictures in world’s best known museums and private collections and institutions. In the end they brought many valuable publications of these items.

These web pages are also dedicated to memory of Bedrich Forman’s son Boris Forman (1946-2011) and Bedrich’s brother Werner Forman (1921-2010). Main mission of these family pages is to present some of Bedrich Forman’s never published works. Present them to public and collect information on these works, with help of experts on this topic.

Ludmila Formanová, Helena Formanová, Vladimír Šíp and Jan Šíp